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Solid Waste Program

ITEC Subtitle D Program
Proper solid waste management on or near Tribal lands is a continuing concern for Tribal environmental departments. To assist Tribes in developing sound solid waste management practices, ITEC developed the Subtitle D program in fiscal year 1997.

The ITEC Subtitle D program has provided the following assistance to ITEC member Tribes during its inception:

Development of a Tribal illegal dump database and corresponding maps using
Global Positioning Systems and Geographical Information Systems instruments and software.

An ITEC-sponsored workshop addressing Tribal solid waste enforcement issues.

 A feasibility study on Tribal disposal methods.

Technical assistance including illegal dump assessments for use in grant proposals (i.e. Open Dump Cleanup Grant Proposals).

Distribution of a model Tribal integrated solid waste management plan and model solid waste codes and ordinances.

Information on environmental initiatives such as Earth Day and America Recycles Day to ITEC member Tribes.

Coordination with state and federal entities to promote proper solid waste management practices.

ITEC will continue to assist Tribes in addressing solid waste issues.